Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

Sascha Cooper

Why Acting? How is it beneficial?

Acting is not just about rehearsals, putting on shows or making the next blockbuster. The real journey begins within you - beginning to understand what makes people react to situations in certain ways, exploring who you are as a person and believe it or not, building worth and confidence.

The appeal of becoming someone else for a short while has always been part of culture and society for centuries, especially when we look at someone from afar and wonder what it is like to be them. We tend to do this from a place of curiosity and for some, turning to the world of acting gives them that opportunity to become someone else to forget their own lives for a while. But for others, using an element of acting such as role-play for instance, can help the process of say handling a difficult conversation, approaching someone to apply for a dream job opportunity and so on.

When performing, I love the feeling of enabling the audience to switch off just by simply watching another life on stage, film or radio unfold. It's a privilage to become another person, to experience what they do and learn from that character's actions either on their own, or with others.

When teaching, directing a play or coaching a client, the power of watching and enabling a transformation within those I work with is a magical experience. Seeing the confidence grow and enabling change is not something to be taken for granted, but one to enjoy and equally learn from too.

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