Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

Confidence Building/Self Worth:

A lot of what we go through in life involves moving forward with purpose and integrity. However, there are times when we become stuck due to not having confidence in our abilities as people, or even believing in our worth of what we have to offer others and ourselves. I should know, having been there myself many times.

Coaching can bring awareness of these stumbling blocks that hold you back, which vary for many clients. The running themes can range from being told at a young age that 'you will never be good at anything', 'you'll always be second best', 'you are a disappointment to us' and other similar sweeping statements like these. These are past events which can dent confidence and self worth, but with coaching, these events can be recognised and a way forward can be achieved to raise you up to a better level emotionally. When we are at our emotional best, we achieve our personal goals in a better and more mindful way.

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