Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions - including how Psychic and Mediumship Readings can help you:

Q: What is involved in a psychic reading?

A: Using either a combination of mediumship and any of the methods I use, or purely mediumship, I can look at a general overview of life to come over a time period of 6 months-a year, a detailed look at issues like love, career, health, family and more, or a chance to look at the bigger picture with spirit messages from loved ones, or Spirit themselves.

Q: Can loved ones really come through?

A: Yes! However, spirit as a whole cannot come through on demand/desperation. If it is an appropriate time for loved ones to come through, they will.

Q: I've never had a reading before and I'm scared. Will anything bad be mentioned?

A: First of all, don't be scared. My speciality is introducing newcomers to the world of Spirit in a supportive way and I work with whatever you as a client are comfortable with. I will guide you through the reading step by step and answer any questions you may have and give you the option to stop the reading if you become uncomfortable or scared. Although there are obstacles in life, I will never focus on those if you do not want me to. If however you are ok with this, I always work with Spirit to find a way through. I am of the belief that where there's a will, there's a way.

Q: Will Spirit attach itself to me after a reading/event?

A: Although Spirit is all around us, it is the medium/reader's responsibility to keep all protected. So under my guidance and/or anyone else I work with, you will not have anything attached to you after the reading/event has taken place.

Q: What if nothing resonates with me in the reading?

A: There are two reasons for this - firstly, if nothing resonates immediately, then it is usually an indication of something to come in the future. But if for some reason nothing that is said resonates at all after 5 minutes, then the reading will be stopped. This can be due to either both reader and client not being spiritually right for each other (different energies for different people), or simply due to no messages to be delivered at that time. This scenario is nothing to be concerned about - it can happen. I however would rather be honest with the client and explain why this happens for moral reasons so that we are all clear as to why it occurs. You will of course have a full refund if it does happen.

Q: Can I see you if I already read myself, or am familiar with how it all works?

A: Yes you can! Even professional mediums and readers need to touch base from time to time as the majority of us cannot read for ourselves in case of being biased. Also, you may be familiar with say tarot for instance, but seeing another reader can give you a fresh insight into how the meanings are interpreted.

Q: What if I don't want a reading, but some answers about some strange occurrences?

A: That's fine too. A few of my regular clients come to me to develop their psychic intuition only. Of course a session like this would be better with regular visits, so if you are interested in doing a course after your initial session, let me know!

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