Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach


Believe it or not, a good relationship on either a personal, romantic or professional scale can be your biggest asset. Sometimes you may experience moments of doubt and the people in your circle you trust can aid with uplifiting you and reminding you what purpose you have in life. But if there is someone in that circle who adds to that doubt and you have no idea how to approach this person, then coaching can help here too. You may say for example, have an issue with someone at work who is making you feel inadequate and don't know how to tackle this first hand. Coaching can enable a strategy to be put into place to start the journey towards finding a resolution and moving forward.

However, it may be that it isn't a relationship with someone else, but yourself that could be creating stumbling blocks. Coaching can help here too - esecially as it could be confidence related, weight, mindset or something else that needs to be addressed. The way forward is to explore all options here and again, find a way that is right for you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You never know what doors could be opening for you next with a brand new relationship with yourself.

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