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Colorful Lights
Colorful Lights


The art of movement is one that enables for me freedom, expression, uplifting joy and much more. When we embrace this wonderful artform, it can also enable confidence, but also healing qualities for both body and soul. The energy that surrounds dance can enable a change of mindset, as well as the usual toning and strength required if you wish to explore this as a form of exercise, or even persue it as a career.


When I perform, the world becomes brighter, more I can achieve anything! Seeing the sea of an audience enjoying the show and switching off, like they would watching a play, feels incredible. It's almost as if the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur in that moment, knowing we are all growing in experience together.


Teaching however adds another layer to it all. Watching a class transform from being shy to confident people makes my job worthwhile. This, as well as acting, enables all in a physical and mental sense feel good from the inside and out for the very reasons as aforementioned. It's a different form of empowerment, and one again which I am privilaged to be part of.

Why Dance? How can it benefit you?

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