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Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

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One to One Sessions - Face to Face:


1. Self Employed, Universal Credit, Unemployed or a fellow Life Coach - £30 per hour. Proof will need to be shown before the booking is made - email is preferred.


2. Full or Part Time Employment - £40 per hour.


If you come to me at the Brighton Therapy Rooms, Princes Street, Brighton, then a non-refundable £11 deposit is required to secure your space and to cover room hire. This is non refundable after 24 hours before your booking begins. You can pay the coaching fee on the day of your booking.

If the session is two hours, then a £21 deposit will be required. The maximum of three hours requires a £31 deposit.


If I come to you, then travel expenses will need to be covered as well as the fee (area dependant). Non-refundable deposits apply here, but for home visits it's £10 only.


Remote sessions (Skype etc):

The above coaching prices are the same.

Whilst there are no room hire fees to cover, the non-refundable deposit for home visits above applies here too.


Corporate Bookings:


This is when I am booked to come to your place of work and coach you and/or your co-workers. For this type of work, a minimum of £50 per hour and travel (area dependant) is required. Same deposits as for Brighton Therapy Rooms above and non-refundable time is also applicable.




Coming soon! Watch this space!




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