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Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

How does Insightful Coaching work?

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From the word go, what happens in the sessions/workshops is led by you! My role as the coach is to support and encourage you as the coachee, so you let me know what you would like to work on and/or explore and we work together to aid you in your journey going forward. Initially it is a conversation, which by the use of supportive questions will encourage you to unlock what may be blocking your fullest potential as an individual.

Sometimes the questions may be challenging as events unfold. It is absolutely fine if an answer is unknown at that moment in time; the point of Insightful Coaching is to look at the bigger picture surrounding your chosen topic. By doing this, further discoveries could be made surrounding your chosen topic, therefore more options to explore and develop.

It doesn't always have to be just a conversation, other methods can be offered as part of your session and outside it, including:


  • Journalling - artistic or written, this can be used for relieving stress, creating focus, or enabling clarity. The usage is endless.
  • Meditation/Visualisation - for grounding, stress relief, empowering change and more
  • Vision Boards - for focus, clarity, upgrading, purpose building etc
  • Role-Play - for those situations you are not sure about how to handle. Why not try something out in a safe environment before you embark on your journey for real?
  • Ancient archetypes (for example, Tarot cards) - using these methods that have been around for centuries as a visual reference, it can help with certain aspects of self development and more in a different and insightful way.


However you choose to use your session, everything is still your choice and I work within what you are comfortable with.

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How Does Holistic Insightful Life Coaching Work?

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