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Sascha Cooper - Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach

Colorful Lights
Colorful Lights


I had a reading with Sascha today, and I found her exceptionally gifted with the tarot and her own clairvoyancy which proved to be quite accurate. Would definitely recommend.

Karen Claus, Frevsham, Surrey


The reading was moving and powerful. Sascha is a spiritual and safe person. This means a lot to me.

Debbie, Farnborough, Hampshire


An excellent, positive, encouraging reading.

Sascha is lovely to listen to. Calming and positive presence and makes you feel safe and taken care of. Thank you! Elika


Had a half hour reading with Sascha. I have had an awful 5 months of my life and my life was a mess, just coming out the other side now. Sascha's accuracy was incredible to me - i'm a psychic myself and person centred councillor (who had lost their way). She helped so much by validating my present and carefully guiding me with spiritual advice to my future, which I had already in my mind's eye had thought and visually felt, but Sascha helped conclude. She was/is a lovely energy and covers many different aspects of your being. Love and light to Sascha :) God bless xxx


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